Recruiting U3 Representative!


Calling all U3 biochemistry students!

Looking for extracurricular activities but don’t know where to look? Want to become a part of the best council full of wonderful people? Look no further, BUGS is looking for a passionate individual to become an additional U3 Representative!

Outlined below are the duties specific to the U3 Representative role:

7.8 The U3 Representative shall:
a) represent the interests of U3 McGill Biochemistry and IHI students;
b) be registered in the following required U3 McGill University courses for biochemistry students: BIOC 450 or BIOC 454;
c) be responsible for the organization of NTCs for the McGill University courses BIOC 450 and BIOC 454;
d) organize additional social and academic events for U3 students such as Grad Ball;
e) organize all graduation-based activities for the graduating class of the McGill Department of Biochemistry, as well as to help finance graduation events;
f) promote BUGS events in U3 classes;
g) organize course evaluations for BIOC 450 and BIOC 454 with the Director of Academic Affairs;

If interested, please fill out the application form and send to and cc’d to by Oct 13th, 2019. Date is subject to change if the application process is extended. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us!

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