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BUGS U2 & U3 Shindigs

Joseph Szymborski on 25/01/2015     Comments

This just in, the best BS you'll ever experience. Think you've had some good BS before? Ha, wait until you've enjoyed some BUGS BS.

On Saturday, Jan 31st, 7pm, BUGS shall be hosting some U-specific Biochemistry Shindigs a la casa Michelle (U2) and a la casa Amy (U3), which are both near campus (we'll help you get there, no worries). What shall these shindigs feature? Well, FREE FOOD of course! Seriously, let your lovely U reps treat y'all to a lovely meal of Spaghetti and Quiche


If you're free to join us, please sign-up here and let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies:

P.S. We deffs did not forget about all the beautiful U1's… a saweet U1 event will be hosted later in February!

P.P.S ~*~ BYOB ~*~

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