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The Biochemistry Undergraduate Mentoring Program pairs students in U1 and U2 with a U3 student who serves as a mentor throughout the year. Keen U2s also have the option to mentor a U1. The BUMP program encourages both 1-on-1 contact and hosts several low-key group events all year round to promote mentor-mentee communication and bonding. Past activities have included movie nights, coffee “dates”, study sessions, and dinner outings. 

To sign up as a mentor or mentee, or if you have questions or concerns, please email Riley Bowker, Director of Academic Affairs, at bugs.daa@gmail.com.



Mentees are students in their U1 or U2 year who are looking for course-specific advice, advice on career paths after the biochemistry degree, intra-biochemistry bonds or simply moral support. Mentees benefit from this program by meeting other mentees in their year and by gaining insight from older students.


Mentors act as a resource for both Biochemistry-specific and general advice. Mentors are not intended to be a source of old exams, homework answers, or personal tutoring, though the personal input and time spent by each mentor is determined by the mentor themselves. If you’re a U3 student interested in helping out some U1s/U2s, or an on-top-of-their-game U2 looking to mentor a U1, please sign up.



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