McGill's Biochemistry Undergraduate Society

What We Do

Mission Statement

The Biochemistry Undergraduate Society of McGill, or BUGS, is an organization of elected student leaders responsible for providing all students in the department with opportunities for intellectual, professional, and social development. We believe that there is more to being a part of the Biochemistry department than just a shared academic fervor, and that students with common goals and ideas should interact with one another as a means of forming friendships and peer networks that will stay with them long after their undergraduate experience. We are here to support our students through mentorship programs, opportunities to meet professors and other professionals with a biochemistry background, and a variety of social events. It is our goal to continue reaching out to McGill biochemists and involving them in this dynamic community.

Academic Programs


The Biochemistry Undergraduate Mentoring Program pairs students in U1 and U2 with an older student U3 who serves as a mentor throughout the year. The BUMP program encourages both 1-on-1 contact and hosts several low-key group events all year round, which act as substitute and supplement to other events hosted by BUGS. Past activities have included movie nights, game nights, study sessions, and dinner outings. For more details, email bugs.daa@gmail.com 


Every year, BUGS hosts a Research Awareness Day (which we call RAD, because we love our acronyms). This event allows students to meet and interact with professors, in the hopes of offering stimulating conversations with leaders in their field and also an opportunity to network with possible future supervisors for Summer and other Research Projects like BIOC 396, BIOC 462 and BIOC 491

Journal Club

BUGS will be running a Journal Club which will run weekly for the rest of the year! For people who are interested in discussing current research with other peers, or those who just want to get into reading scientific literature now - one member will choose a paper each week and informally present it (no powerpoints) with the focus being on discussion and reading papers as a group. 

Note Takers Club (NTC)

The Note Takers Club (NTCs) are notes prepared for certain classes by groups of students managed by BUGS. There are writers who assemble notes based on class material, editors who proof-read the notes, and coordinators who ensure everything is printed and delivered to the students. NTCs can be purchased at the BUGS Office

Social Programs

Throughout the year, BUGS organises many social events that range from pizza parties, to bar hopping to weekends at a ski chalet. Here are just some of our recent events. 


U1 Meet and Greet

At the beginning of every Fall semester, we have a small get-together with U1s and senior students. It's a great way to break into social events and make friends, as well as getting advice on course load and what it's like to be a Biochem student.

Cabin in the Woods

An annual trip to the great outdoors, where Biochemistry students can spend a weekend in a cabin, playing games, bonding and enjoying nature. 

End of Year Formal

Need an excuse to celebrate the end of the year? How about an excuse to find that wedding/funeral/trial date suit? Then the end of year formal is the perfect place to do that. Live music, free hooch and many friends.


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