About BUGS

Mission Statement

The Biochemistry Undergraduate Society (BUGS) is an organization that represents all McGill students who are currently registered in a biochemistry undergraduate program, as well as Interdepartmental Honours in Immunology program (IHI). The BUGS Council is a body of sixteen elected and appointed student leaders who aim to provide opportunities for intellectual, professional and social development for the members of the society all throughout the academic year.

We believe that there is more to being a part of the Biochemistry department than just a shared academic fervor, and that students with common goals and ideas should interact with one another as a means of forming friendships and peer networks that will stay with them long after their undergraduate experience.

We are here to support our students through mentorship programs, opportunities to meet professors and other professionals with a biochemistry background, a variety of social events and countless other ressources. It is our goal to continue reaching out to McGill biochemists and involving them in this dynamic community.