Becoming Part of BUGS!

BUGS Elections

**Election season is officially closed for the 2018-2019 year! Check back for updates in March**

Nomination period for BUGS Elections has officially begun! If you are interested in running for a position on BUGS council for the 2018-2019 year, please read the following important documents:

  • Elections Packagewhich provides the rules for campaigning and outlines the entire election process in addition to the roles and responsibilities of each elected position
  • Nominations Packagewhich provides prospective candidates with a form on which they must collect the required number of signatures from biochemistry students to endorse their campaign. This is due in the BUGS lounge by Tuesday March 20th, 1:30PM 
  • Appointed Positions General Information – which provides descriptions of the various responsibilities of appointed members of the council
  • Appointed Positions Application Form – which provides the actual form to be completed and submitted electronically in PDF format to and to by Tuesday April 3rd, 11:59PM

Important dates:
Nomination Period: March 12th – March 20th 1:30PM
Campaign Period: March 21st 12:00AM – March 28th 11:59PM
Voting Period: March 29th – March 31st 11:59PM
Appointed Positions Deadline: April 3rd 11:59PM (Electronically)

Being on BUGS is an incredibly rewarding experience and guarantees you an opportunity to work alongside other amazing students to ensure Biochemistry remains one of the best departments at McGill! Good luck! 😊