The Council

The BUGS Council is an assembly of 16 students who were either appointed or elected. Their responsibilities depend on the position they occupy, but always have to do with fostering the development and the wellbeing of the undergraduate biochemistry community through events, resources and services. The positions on the BUGS Council are:

  • President
  • Vice President, Finance
  • Vice President, External
  • Vice President, Internal
  • Vice President, Communication
  • Vice President, Social
  • IHI Representative
  • Director of Student Affairs
  • Director of Academic Affairs
  • Director of Charity and Fundraising
  • 2 U1 Representatives
  • 2 U2 Representatives
  • 2 U3 Representatives
An exhaustive list of each Council member’s responsibilities is available in the Article 7 of BUGS constitution

The 2018-2019 council will be presented in more detail on this page after the appointment of U1 representatives at the beginning of the Fall semester.