The Council

Farah Aboasali | President

I make sure our operations are running smoothly and am the primary liaison to the department of biochem!

Favorite bug: Dragonfly, they are always hanging out by the beach and their wings are pretty

Hyerin Kim | VP External

I represent biochem students to the SUS, the rest of McGill and other universities, as well as industry! I also coordinate the merch sales.

Favorite bug: Dragonflies! They eat mosquitoes AND have 4 wings…

Emily McIsaac | VP Internal

My job is to organize academic events such as RAD and Research Awareness Day!

Favorite bug: Ladybugs because they remind me of camping when I was younger 🙂

Aidan Shoham Amizlev | VP Finance

Overseeing all financial transactions for BUGS!

Favorite bug: Stick insects because like they’re so cool

Meghan Lancaster | VP Communications

I’m here to keep everyone updated about all the wonderful resources and event BUGS has to offer including sending out the Listservs and running the Instagram!

Favorite bug: Bees!! They keep the plants happy and I’m a big fan of honey in my tea!

Amanda Fu | Director of Charity and Fundraising

I raise funds for the Biochemistry Student Research Award and other BUGS events!

Favorite bug: I hate all of them unfortunately. My worst fear is being trapped in a small space with a bug.

Cara Flynn | VP Social

I’m responsible for organizing most of the social events that BUGS hosts for biochem students – including the cabin in the woods trip! I coordinate all logistics for events and make them fun for everyone to chill out and get to know each other. This year we have lots of cool plans for Halloween, valentines day and more!

Favorite bug: Ladybug because cute

Melina Chen | Director of Academic Affairs

My main responsibility is to act as an academic liaison between students and professors/ the department to address any concerns students may have. I’m also responsible for organizing academic-related events such as BUMP and course evaluations!

Favorite bug: Fireflies! They glow and remind me of a warm summer night!

Ronit Mohapatra | Director of Student Affairs

I run the council meetings and the elections for next year, so if you want to join BUGS I can help you out with that!

Favorite bug: Bees cause they’re fluffy and they buzz!

Mia Bilic | U4 Rep

As honorary U4 rep, I help everyone else on the council!

Favorite bug: Ladybug because they grant you wishes!

Sami Sabouni | U3 Rep

I run NTCs for U3 BIOC courses, plan U3 social events and plan out graduate ball!

Favorite bug: My favorite bug is probably the bumble bee. They’re just cute and fluffy and at the same time incredibly essential to our environment. I would have said spider as my favorite but some nerd would probably tell me “that’s actually an arachnid, not a bug”

Paige Roehrig | U3 Rep

I edit and distribute NTCs, organize an event per semester, including grad ball, and I act as a liaison for all U3 biochemistry students with concerns in their U3 classes!

Favorite bug: Cara is my favorite bug

Alexandra Eric | U2 Rep

I Represent your lovely faces to the council and plan fun events!

Favorite bug: Ladybugs because they’re cute and bring good luck <3

Paul Petrozza | U2 Rep

I help run awesome events catered towards U2 Biochem students, organize the creation of NTCs for U2 Bioc classes and represent the general interests of the U2 students!

Favorite bug: Favorite bug is the Hercules beetle (look it up to see how cool it is) because it’s association with Greek Myth and it’s awesome horn!

Liam Mitchell | U1 Rep

I’ll be the go-to contact for any U1 students who have any questions or concerns regarding the council. I also organize NTCs and some super fun social events for U1 students!

Favorite bug: The Firefly! There super pretty to watch, but also have a very cool way of controlling their light output by limiting oxygen flow to their abdomen to slow the biochemical reaction that produces light. So I guess we aren’t the only bugs who know a thing or two about biochemistry!

Annika Lindberg | U1 Rep

I represent all lovely U1 students to the council, plan fun events and run the U1 Bioc NTCs

Favorite bug: Rosy Maple Moth: its so fluffy and colourful!

Agata Apanasevich | IHI Rep

I plan social events for and am in charge of representing all my fellow IHI besties 🙂

Favorite bug: Fireflies! They’re so cute and glowy (and i love the song too)

Ana Piric | SBMS Rep

As the SBMS biochemistry representative, I act as a liaison between the undergraduate SBMS (School of Biomedical Sciences) council and BUGS by attending both SBMS and BUGS meetings in order to help organize outreach events for all undergraduate departments in the biomedical sciences!

Favorite bug: A ladybug because it brings good luck!