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April 2014 Exam Hours

Joseph Szymborski on 14/04/2014     Comments

Yes that time is here again for all of us to hermit in our little corners, drink our extra caffeinated coffees and hope that our professors take mercy on us. While all that is going on, BUGS will have special office hours. Keep in mind that due to construction the office has moved to McMed 905. Stop by and chat with us or Christine Laberge or really any one else who is there. You can pick up BIOC 312, or BIOC 212 NTC. You can also drop by to purchase Chem 214 NTCs which are awesome!

Best of luck for exams!
Jonathan: Mon. April 14th, 12-1PM
Marcel: Tues. April 15th, 12-1PM
May: Tues. April 15th, 1-2PM
Andrea: Wed. April 16th, 10-11AM
Janine: Wed. April 16th, 12-1PM
Tom: Wed. April 16th, 2-3PM
Amr: Wed. April 16th, 3-4PM
Stephanie: Thurs. April 17th, 1-2PM
Adrian: Thurs. April 17th 2-3PM
Peter: Thurs. April 17th, 3-4PM
Ran: Wed. April 23rd, 10-11AM
Doorsa: Thurs. April 24th, 9-10AM
Danielle: Thurs. April 24th, 10-11AM
Taryn: Tues. April 29th, 4-5PM
AHHHHH so close to summer (in terms of date...clearly not weather -_- )

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