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Welcome Back Event

Joseph Szymborski on 05/09/2014     Comments

The Fall 2014 semester is upon us, and the only thing that you can guarantee a new semester will bring, aside from the overwhelming feeling of regret about how you spent the summer, is BUGS' Welcome Back Event.

Here's a quick run down of the details:

Where: Brutopia, Upper Floor (1219 rue Crescent)
When: Thursday, September 11th @ 9pm
$$$: $5 ($7 at the door) for 1 pint of beer or glass of wine or mixed drink, and everyone gets free snacks :)

Please note, to buy tickets at the door you must present a McGill ID

Tickets go on sale Monday, to buy tickets, contact your U-Rep or email us at bugs@sus.mcgill.ca


Welcome Back Video

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